Best Fun Places Between Jaipur to Jodhpur

Road trips are always fun. Prepare yourself for an incredible road trip from Jaipur to Jodhpur, filled with excitement and learning. Along with bringing us on a historical journey, this charming route through Rajasthan’s stunning scenery also treats us to delectable cuisine and a cultural immersion. So belt up and come along on this fantastic journey that will not stop giving joy and delights! The best transportation is provided by Rajwada Cab’s cab in Jodhpur, which will make your trip more beautiful journey and memorable. Think about including visits to some of the most well-liked locations between Jaipur and Jodhpur in the course of your trip. Every destination offers wonderful memories, from the lively city of Ajmer with its beloved temples to the calm haven of Pushkar, where spirituality and celebration collide. 


Route from Jaipur to Jodhpur

The journey from Jaipur to Jodhpur is approximately 334.9 km, and the hours are from 6 to 8 depending on the weather conditions, construction work or traffic that may happen sometimes, so make your schedule accordingly. There are other routes available to travellers, such as the NH48, which provides easy access between the two cities.

Types of Fun Places Along the Route


Historical Sites and Places of Worship in History: Amber Fort is a classic and old type fort that you would find quite huge. It is also seen as a significant place of interest in Jaipur. We can easily feel the royal ambience inside this wonderful fort. Everyone visiting Jaipur will definitely come here and take pleasure in the sight of this fort. This fort is also called ‘Amer Fort’. The artistic style of this fort is seen surely from the entrance gate called ‘Surajpol’. All tourists pay for their entry from this gate. Here, you would also find an immense fortification wall that extends from ‘Jaleb Chowk’ to ‘Aravalli Hills’. The cab service in Jodhpur is the best option if you are staying in Jodhpur and want to travel to Jaipur, and its the best way to get to know the state of Rajasthan. Cabs are a suitable option there is other transportation too, but they wouldn’t be as comfortable as cabs are, its better to be safe than never.

This strong wall was constructed as a defensive wall, so control was well retained by the enemies. Many pavilions like ‘Diwan-e-aam’, ‘Shila Mata temple’, and ‘Sheesh Mahal’ will be the basic sightseeing of this historical Amber fort. Diwan-e-aam was used for the general public gathering where they could put their point before the king. This pavilion consists of huge pillars that were ornamented by an artistic style, which indeed provides a charismatic look. One more marvellous pavilion is the ‘Sukh Mahal’, which has a garden, air coolers, and a water system on the floor. This was once used as a living place for royal women. So, from almost all sides, we enjoyed the breathtaking view of Jaipur city. In every evening, sound and light shows are organized in the fort.


  1. Amber Fort: Amer Fort is a stunning fortification in the historic caricature of Amer, which revolves near Jaipur. It is one of the unique forts with stones coloured red makes it how unique is it. Constructed of marble and red sandstone, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is well-known for both its historical value and breathtaking design. Explore its beautiful gardens, courtyards, and castles while taking in the expansive sights of the peaks around it.
  2. Mehrangarh Fort: Perched on a rocky hill with a view of Jodhpur, Mehrangarh Fort is one ofthe highest fort in the rajasthan its must visit if you are traveling to rajasthan. Its huge courtyards, artistic carvings, and towering walls provide a window into Rajasthan’s illustrious past. The museum within the fort is a must-see, featuring a remarkable variety of treasures like as paintings, swords, and royal costumes.


Cultural Experiences


  1. Albert Hall Museum: The oldest museum in Rajasthan and a superb example of Indo-Saracenic architecture is the Albert Hall Museum, which is situated in Jaipur. Its huge holding includes objects from many eras and civilizations and covers art, history, archeology, and natural history. Admire sculptures, festive arts, and rare manuscripts by taking a leisurely tour through its galleries.
  2. Sardar Government Museum: The Sardar Government Museum, which is located in Jodhpur, is a real gold mine of antiques that display Rajasthan’s rich cultural legacy. Appreciate the history, customs, and skills of the area by reviewing its varied exhibits, which include textiles, paintings, sculptures, and weapons.


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In conclusion, there is beautiful scenery of orange/red desert which makes the Rajasthan the most colorful state as cities are most historic and culturarous. While traveling be prepare with you things and stuff. Before visiting Jaipur do travel to Jodhpur to try cities food, dress and unique shops and more of it through a taxi service in Jodhpur. It will be easy peasy to get inside the blue city with OG cafes and picture-perfect views. Don’t forget to see the beautiful sunset or sunrise.

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